Women's NCAA Tournament - Greenville 2 region bracket breakdown

Yahoo Sports women's basketball writer Cassandra Negley breaks down the Greenville 2 region of the 2023 NCAA women's tournament field -- including Big Ten regular season champion Indiana.

Video Transcript

CASSANDRA NEGLEY: This is Cassandra Negle with Yahoo Sports and we're breaking down the NCAA tournament so that you can fill out your brackets. Let's look at Greenville 2.

The top seed in this bracket is Indiana. They very much became the second best team throughout this season behind South Carolina earned that number one seed. We're looking at number 2 Utah, number 3 LSU, and number 4 Villanova to fill out those top seeds.

Now, a big challenger here could be Villanova with Maddie Siegrist. She leads the nation with about 30 points per game. They could give the Hoosiers a good game in this one. But early on, let's look at some games to watch. Keep an eye on that 512 match-up, our favorite for bracket busters.

Washington State is one of the hottest teams coming into this tournament. They went 23-10 overall, but only 500 in a Pac-12 that was very packed this season. They took down Utah, a 2 seed in this bracket, Colorado and UCLA, which is seeded fourth in the tournament, to win their first ever Pac-12 title.

Matching up with Florida Gulf Coast is going to be fun. That's a team that has a lot of shooters, and they have experience in the tournament. Also keep an eye on number 11 seed UNLV, versus number six Michigan, Desiree young is one of the top 10 players for UNLV there. She's averaging about 18 points and 10 rebounds a game.

Also keep eyes on Princeton, which is a 10 seed, and number 7 NC State. Princeton has one of the nation's best defenses. And the Wolf Pack have been up and down this season as they try and figure out their team with a whole bunch of new transfers.

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