Women share their most sexist encounters in new TikTok trend

Women on TikTok are sharing the most “blatantly sexist” encounters they have ever experienced in a new trend. The now-viral movement was started by TikToker @mandyalise. The user explained that one day, she was at a store looking for some “fancy new shirts” with her soon-to-be husband. When the pair headed to checkout, a male employee began ringing the two of them up while providing crucial care instructions for the garments . “And who was that man looking at when he was explaining these washing instructions? Not my fiancé. He was looking at me”. hundreds of women flocked to the comments to share their own experiences with sexism. “My former boss at a café once told me to always use the calculator when someone pays in cash because I’m a woman so I can’t do maths,” one user said. “My dad told me to do dishes and I said let the boys do it and he’s like ‘ur a girl and it’s ur job’” shared another. “[My mom] said that her boss told her ‘you’re very reasonable….for a woman,'” added a third