Women’s NCAA Tournament - Ohio State snaps UConn's 14-season Final Four streak

Yahoo Sports women’s college basketball analyst Cassandra Negley details #3 Ohio State's takedown of prolific #2 UConn in the Sweet 16 of the women’s NCAA tournament.

Video Transcript


CASSANDRA NEGLEY: This is Cassandra Negley with Yahoo Sports in the Greenville Regional, but we all had our eyes on Seattle. Because for the first time in 14 years, UConn will not be playing in a Final Four. Their 14-year streak of reaching it that far was snapped by number three Ohio State, and Cotie McMahon. The freshman had a huge 23 points. Taylor Thierry had 11, and Jacy Sheldon, who has come back from that injury late in the season just at the right time, had 17.

Ohio State's press really got to UConn. They were flustered. Now, this particular UConn team has not played together a lot because they had their own injuries. Injuries impacted them the entire season, and you could really see it today. The second quarter really did UConn in. Ohio State outscored them 21-9. UConn had been to 16 straight Elite Eights. They will not this year. Now, this really underscores the parity that we're seeing in the country this year. Already, two number-one seeds have fallen. There have been quite a few upsets. Here in Greenville, we have number nine Miami competing in the regional final on Sunday night.

Now, there are a lot of reasons for this talent deciding to stay home, go elsewhere, more talent in the country. It was an incredible streak for UConn that had to come to an end sometime. And for Ohio State, it's an incredible win because they've had somewhat of a roller coaster season. What we're really seeing this March is that you have to get hot at the right time, and matchups do matter.

Ohio State was the better team in this match-up, and with Jacy Sheldon back, they have gotten hot at just the right time. We'll see them in the Elite Eight in Seattle. For more from the NCAA Women's Tournament, stay here at Yahoo Sports.