Women’s NCAA Tournament - In a huge Elite 8 matchup between Miami and LSU, who will Lil Wayne cheer for?

Rapper Lil Wayne shouted out Miami's Cavinder sisters and LSU's Angel Reese after their respective Sweet 16 wins. With both teams facing each other in the Elite 8, Miami and LSU players and LSU coach Kim Mulkey weigh in on who he'll ultimately root for.

Video Transcript


- Yesterday, you guys got a FaceTime call from Lil Wayne. And then after the LSU game, he tweeted about Angel Reese. So who's Lil Wayne rooting for tomorrow?

- You've gotta ask Lil Wayne.

- I think he likes women's basketball. And that's a win for women's basketball. So hopefully, he comes to the game if he likes Angel Reese and our team.

- Well, you need to understand. I don't know the connection to Miami other than it's a pretty big rap scene there. Maybe that's what it is, that-- you know? And I would think he's from Louisiana. I don't know him well enough to speak for him, but he's Louisiana, as far as I know. So I don't think that we have to worry about Lil Wayne.

- Oh, and I'm on him because--

- Yeah.

- --he's from NOLA, and he called them before he called us.

- Oh, man.

- So luckily, he did tweet. He tweeted out last night. Hopefully, he comes to the game. But being able to grow women's basketball like that has just been amazing all year.

I mean, if you've seen all the different kinds of celebrities, and NBA players, and people that have reached out to us to show that they were supportive. I think Magic Johnson last night tweeted at me. So just being able to see that just makes me happy because I'm able to grow women's basketball. So Lil Tunechi better come pull up tomorrow. So we'll see.

- Yeah. And I need to feature, too. So--