Women issue warning over TikTok's 'sickening' Silhouette Challenge

The Silhouette Challenge has been blowing up TikTok for the past few weeks. The sexy viral video format calls on users to make a video that shows only their silhouette against the backdrop of colorful lighting, often red. The trend, meant to empower creators to embrace their bodies, has turned into something much more sinister. A series of YouTube tutorials instructing people how to use editing software to remove the filter to reduce the silhouette effect on the videos has popped up. The intent of the videos seems to be to reveal the bodies of participants who often wear less clothing than usual to accentuate their silhouettes. Women have taken to TikTok to warn fellow creators that whatever they wear in their videos may end up being seen, whether they like it or not. “This is how we do it, women and girls watching out for each other,” one TikTok user said