Woman's Tinder date subjects her to 3 hours of mini-golf in his living room

A woman's bizarre Tinder date has inspired trolls on TikTok. When @taypole linked up with a guy she met on the app, she likely had other dating activities in mind. Her date brought her over to his house, whipped out a mini green and insisted upon playing golf the whole time. As @taypole stated herself in the caption, "Tinder ain't what it used to be" . Without revealing her date's identity, she showed footage of their encounter. He had a mini-golf course set up in his living room . There was a clip of him putting and another of him using a hand vacuum to clean up the mini green . "I stepped on it with my shoes, and he nearly had a heart attack," she explained of the vacuuming . The comment section was largely full of what appeared to be male users praising her date for being an expert troll . "He’s letting you know he’s married to the game right from the jump," someone said. In the end, @taypole went on a second date with him — to a golf course, obviously. She said he was "smart, funny and cute." Hey, sometimes putting it all out there does work

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