Woman warns TikTok about alleged kidnapping tactic

A woman on TikTok is warning others about a potential kidnapping tactic that was allegedly used on her in a supermarket parking lot. Haley West trusted her instincts when a man approached her in a parking lot in Cincinnati. She went on to explain that she was leaving the grocery store when she noticed a man walking close to her. “He yells over to me, ‘Hey what’s your name?'”. Then, the man walked right up to West’s car and asked West to come “check out his car”. “I didn’t react to that because that would’ve given away that it’s my car, although I think he already knows,” West said. She went to a TJMaxx for help, and when she returned, there was a half-full water bottle sitting on her car's hood. Another TikToker named Elle Ess replied to the video by claiming that finding a water bottle on the hood of your car can have sinister implications. “This is a tactic used by traffickers and kidnappers to get you to exit your vehicle and take whatever is on top of the. car off,” Ess claimed. “If you have this happen and something is on the hood of your car when you come back to it, leave it there, dr[ive] away, it’ll fall off on its own”