Woman walks out of double date over ‘uncomfortable’ conversation topic

A woman and her husband felt guilty after ditching another couple during a double date. She went on Reddit’s “Am I the A****** (AITA)” forum to explain why they left during a tense dinner. The woman and her husband were out with a couple — named April and May — for the first time since the pandemic began. “AITA for walking out during a double date because the other couple was making me uncomfortable?” the woman wrote. “Apparently, May had gotten bleach on April’s expensive dress... April spilled her wine all over May’s dress, and when I went to help her clean it, she said April was trying to ‘get even'”. Then things got even worse between the fighting couple and May made a suggestive comment to the woman’s husband. “I honestly feel like I abandoned May and there’s a part of me that thinks I did it because she hit on my husband, which makes me feel so petty and disgusting”. Reddit users thought the woman’s reaction was fair. “If you are uncomfortable, it is understandable for you to leave,” one user wrote