Woman thrown off by boyfriend’s ‘selfish’ request: ‘Break up with him’

A woman’s boyfriend expected her to share her work bonus with him. She took to Reddit’s “Am I the A******” after refusing his request . Her boyfriend was adamant that she give him half her bonus simply because he doesn’t get one at work . The woman already earns more money than him and pays a higher proportion of their expenses as a gesture of fairness . But when she denied him, he wouldn’t drop it. “My bonus this year is substantial because I’ve had nothing better to do than work… I said I’d happily buy him what he wants as a gift but I’m not giving half the bonus I’ve earned,” she wrote. She owns the home they live in so the boyfriend doesn’t pay rent . Moreover, he only knew of the existence of her bonuses from snooping around her belongings. “He kicked off and said it’s selfish of me to keep it all to myself. If it were him he’d share, etc.,” she said. Reddit was not a fan of the boyfriend. “Your boyfriend is a financial abuser break up with him,” one user commented