Woman threatens to ‘kick out’ family member over their new vegan diet: ‘That is an insane response’

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A woman threatened to kick her sister-in-law out of her house for going vegan. 

She shared what happened on Reddit’s “Am I the A*****” (AITA) forum. The Reddit poster is divorcing her husband who moved out of her house. But she is still close with her sister-in-law named “A.” She let A move in after falling on hard times during the pandemic. But when A decided to go vegan, things exploded. 

“AITA for threatening to kick out my sister-in-law after she became vegan?” the Reddit poster wrote. “‘A’ lost her job during the pandemic and couldn’t pay rent anymore so I let her move in since I have a pretty big house that’s mostly unused since my husband moved out. I don’t want any money for it but since she’s staying at home 24/7 and I‘m working a 50-hour job, we made an agreement that she makes food for us two. It all worked perfectly until two days she said she wants to go vegan and won’t cook meat anymore.” 

The Reddit poster didn’t want to stop eating meat and confronted A about the situation. 

“I regularly have to lift heavy objects at my job so I need the meat to stay in shape,” the Reddit poster said. “Also, this is my house and I don’t want to be forced into a diet I don’t want. I started shouting at her and said she can pack her things and get the f*** out if she doesn’t change her mind. She started crying and calling me a psycho… Yesterday her parents called and told me I was too harsh with her and I even got an angry text message from my husband about how evil I am. However, I think I‘m in the right.” 

Reddit users didn’t think the woman handled things the way she should have.

“I understand this isn’t ideal for you but wow that is an insane response,” she said

“She went from zero to a hundred in the blink of an eye,” another wrote

“It was not necessary to shout at and threaten her living situation over her desire to change her own diet,” someone said

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