R. Kelly had naked ‘young lady’ waiting under a boxing ring in his garage for sex, according to testimony

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NEW YORK — R. Kelly had a sexual partner literally available at the snap of his fingers — and he kept her under a boxing ring.

Kelly’s first male victim to testify at his trial in Brooklyn federal court recalled Monday a bizarre sexual encounter in the garage of the singer’s mansion in the Chicago suburbs of Olympia Fields, Illinois. The garage, the victim said, featured a boxing ring.

“He snapped his fingers two times and a young lady came from under the ring,” the man identified in court as Louis said.

“What was she wearing when she crawled out from under the boxing ring?” asked Assistant U.S. Attorney Elizabeth Geddes.

“She was naked,” Louis testified.

Kelly commanded the woman to crawl over to him and perform a sex act. He then made the woman do the same to Louis, he testified.

“He was telling her to say she like me,” he remembered. “He wanted her to say my name. ... I didn’t mind it. It was a weird situation. ... I wouldn’t mind it if it was just me and her.”

The man met Kelly in 2006, when he was just a 17-year-old working at a McDonald’s in Markham, south of Chicago.

He thought that Kelly would help him pursue a rap career. But one of his first visits to Kelly’s suburban estate quickly turned sexual, he testified.

Kelly asked the teen boy what he was willing to do to succeed in the music industry, and he replied he’d do anything.

“He asked if I had any fantasies,” Louis recalled.

But when Louis said he had fantasies of sleeping with “two or three girls at a time,” Kelly suggested something else.

“You’ve never had fantasies of you and the men?” Kelly allegedly asked, getting on his knees. Louis said he stopped the encounter “because I didn’t like it.”

Louis testified he continued playing basketball with Kelly — and having sex with him — as he finished high school in 2007. He introduced Kelly to more of his young friends.

“As our relationship got stronger he called me brother. I was his little brother,” the man testified.

Kelly faces a maximum sentence of life in prison if convicted of running a decadeslong scheme targeting underage girls and young women — sometimes at his concerts — for sexual abuse.

He is accused of torturing some of the girls by forcing them to remain in rooms sometimes for days at a time, making them film humiliating videos and delivering spankings as punishments for breaking his rules.

Earlier Monday, a woman testified that Kelly raped her backstage after a 1994 concert in Miami when she was just 17.

The now 44-year-old woman, who goes by Addie, was given VIP tickets to a Sept. 2, 1994, R. Kelly concert, hoping to see Aaliyah. But instead she was assaulted by then 27-year-old Kelly in his dressing room in front of her best friend after he autographed her ticket, she claims.

Aaliyah, who might have been pregnant at the time and had just married Kelly days earlier in an illegal wedding, did not perform.

“I just basically went blank,” Addie said of the alleged unprotected forced sex. “I was in complete shock.”

The alleged sexual assault of Addie occurred after two members of Kelly’s entourage picked the victim and her friend out of the crowd when the concert ended and asked if they would like to go backstage and get autographs from the “Sex Me” singer, Addie testified.

They went back into Kelly’s dressing room, where he was being interviewed by members of the press, she said.

He signed her ticket and when she told him she was only 17, he requested the reporters leave the dressing room but she and her friend were allowed to stay, she said.

Kelly put on a new song of his for Addie and her friend, she testified.

“I want to know which one of you kiss better,” he said to them, according to Addie.

He briefly kissed her friend then began kissing Addie, she testified.

“I felt a little overwhelmed,” she said. “Initially shocked.”

Then he began getting more aggressive, pushing her toward the back of the room, unzipping her pants and beginning to force himself on her, she said.

When he tried to get Addie’s friend to participate, the 19-year-old refused.

After Kelly finished raping her the girls left the room and Addie’s friend tried to get her to call the police — but Addie refused, she said.

“I didn’t want to get victim shamed,” she said.

On cross-examination, Kelly’s lawyer Deveraux Cannick asked why Addie did not come forward with the experience until 2019, when she told the feds about the alleged sexual assault.

“There came a time that the victim shaming didn’t bother you anymore?” Cannick asked.

“I’m an adult now,” she responded. “I’m no longer a little girl.”