Woman taken aback by roommate’s ‘unreasonable’ decorating request

A woman is feuding with her roommate over apartment decorations. She went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to share a recent argument. When the roommate’s parents were visiting, the roommate asked for a major favor. “My roommate said that her parents were gonna come down for the holidays,” the user wrote. “she told me I had to take the decorations down in my room.”. “I have pride flags, some provocative posters, witchy stuff, among other things in my room. I didn’t see why and she said it was because her parents are very conservative”. “I told her that it was my room, I will keep my door closed and why would her parents be in my room anyway?”. The roommate insisted that her parents would find a way into the room and see the decor. “She threatened me and said she will move out and she knows I can’t pay the rent myself. I don’t know what to do”. “Look for a new roommate,” one user wrote. “You should set up a camera,” another said. “They have no business going in there,” someone commented