Woman stuns TikTok with ‘genius’ hack for removing corn from the cob

A life hack for how to get corn off the cob has plenty of TikTok users scratching their heads. The bizarre kitchen tip is gaining attention thanks to user @creativescraps. Her video of the hack, which uses a bucket and a bundt cake pan to get corn off the cob, now has more than 5 million views. In her video, @creativescapes shows her husband stuffing corn into the bundt cake pan, which is sitting inside a large bucket. As the video continues, @creativescaps’ husband successfully pushes two ears of corn through the hole in the cake pan. In seconds, almost all of the corn comes right off the cob. TikTokers were mostly blown away by the hack. Many called it “genius” or “amazing”. “You’re onto something here,” one user wrote. “That’s a thing of beauty,” another added. “Actually pretty neat,” another wrote. In the comments, @creativescaps went on to say that this is how she plans on removing corn from the cob moving forward. The whole setup, she wrote, cost about $9 at Walmart