Woman stirs controversy after giving ‘horrible’ name to her newborn son

A woman is arguing with her sister over her son’s name. She told her story on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. Her sister had just given birth when the woman went to the hospital to visit her and her nephew. “She told me that she has named him ‘Pika’ after Pikachu… because her boyfriend was obsessed with Pokémon when he was younger,” the user wrote. “I couldn’t help but burst out in laughter because it sounded so ridiculous. My sister got very angry with me and asked me why is that funny”. “I told her straight up that Pika is the most horrible name I have ever heard and her son is probably going to get bullied for the rest of his life”. “Now she isn’t talking to me because I apparently ‘disrespected’ my nephew. But am I wrong for wanting him to have a NORMAL name?”. While naming your child after a Pokémon is certainly an inspired choice, Pika is a “normal” name. It is actually the Hawaiian variant of Peter, as well as a Greek name. “I think your concerns are totally valid,” another said. “I feel so bad for that poor kid,” someone wrote