Woman sparks debate over her tip to make Amazon packages ship faster: ‘It pushed my order’

 ( prettylittlediy/TikTok)
( prettylittlediy/TikTok)

A woman has allegedly discovered a way to make her Amazon packages arrive even faster, and a mix of viewers are saying that this hack either does - or does not - work.

In a video posted on TikTok last month, @prettylittlediy explained a way to change the delivery date of your order. First, she showed the Amazon app and clicked on one of her orders, a plaid skirt, that was expected to arrive on a Sunday.

From there, she selected the “view or change this order,” which is a part of the “order info” section. This information also showed that her order had not yet been shipped.

She was then brought to a page that showed her “shipment details,” where she selected “change shipping speed.”

There was then only one option that said “Free Prime Delivery (1 business day once shipped),” which she chose. After, she clicked a yellow button that said: “save shipping speed”.

This video has over 2m views, so far, with some viewers in the comments expressing that this Amazon hack only worked if they paid more money.

“It works! But you have PAY for shipping!!!!,” one wrote. In response, @prettylittlediy said, “I didn’t. It will tell you before you click save if there’s an extra cost.”

Others tested the hack, and it worked for them right away. “I think I love you,” one wrote in the comments. “Just changed delivery from the 23 to the 18th. Thank you.”

Some Amazon users noted that depending on where a package is coming from and going to, the delivery date may not be able to be changed.

“I have prime and it doesn’t give me that option,” one comment reads. “I think it depends on where it’s coming from.”

And while some viewers were able to change the delivery date, others claimed that this option actually ended up pushing this date back.

“Just did this…and now it won’t get here till Feb..originally said January…great,” one wrote, while another said, “It pushed my order back from Sunday to Monday.”

As Amazon Prime says on its website, many members have the option to get their packages delivered by the next day. For example, when searching for items, users can select the “Get it tomorrow” filter and will then “receive items by 9 p.m the next day.”

There’s also an option for “Free Same-Day Delivery,” where “customers can order until 5 pm and get delivery as fast as 5 hrs, with four daily delivery windows.” Items that are eligible for this delivery option are marked as “Today” or “Overnight”.

The Independent has reached out to @prettylittlediy and Amazon for a comment.