Woman slams younger sister over her ‘absurd’ graduation trip request

A woman can't stand her little sister's boyfriend, and it's causing a rift between them. The 22-year-old consulted Reddit's "Am I the A******" forum for advice. "When my little sister was 14, I promised her I’d take her on a two-week trip of her choosing when she graduated high school”. “We’ve spent the last five years planning the ultimate trip, and I’ve been saving since I made the promise”. Then, she couldn't believe it when her sister's boyfriend invited himself on their trip. "Last week, she said he had taken the time off work to go on the trip with us," she wrote. "[She] didn’t even ask, just said it like we’d already talked about it, and he was invited”. “They expected me to pay his portion and be fine with third-wheeling the whole trip. I laughed until I realized she was serious, and [I] said absolutely not”. “She whined that he’d already taken the days off, which I feel bad about, but he wasn’t invited. She wouldn’t drop it and said she wouldn’t go if he couldn’t come, so I said, 'Fine. No trip. Whatever’”. “We haven’t spoken since, and I feel like maybe I should’ve just dealt with it”. Reddit users thought the sister was way out of line. "The most absurd and rude suggestion," one user commented