Woman slams brother over his ‘overreaction’ to her college graduation announcement

A woman's brother was disappointed she didn't invite him to her master's degree graduation, and it's causing a rift between them. She shared an incident with him on Reddit's "Am I the A*****" forum. she only had four tickets due to lockdown restrictions. She invited her father, boyfriend and two aunts instead. "I didn’t invite him, because for my bachelor's graduation he was more worried about being at his friend’s bachelor party," she wrote. "He also never asked when my master's graduation was or anything about it. He found out from my aunt". The woman ended up sending links out to family members to watch via live stream, and then she had some people over for dinner that night. "he was an hour late and was more worried about our cousin’s baseball game when he got there. I felt like an afterthought when he finally said congratulations," she said. Reddit users thought the brother was over-stepping. "He's a drama queen," one person wrote