Woman shares the toys she’d buy for her ‘worst enemy’s child’ in hilarious TikTok

This mom posted a funny TikTok where she shares her top holiday gift ideas for your “worst enemy’s children,” and parents are here for it!

Whether they’re loud, messy, or just plain weird, some toys drive parents crazy. TikToker and parent Hayley DeRoche (@sadbeige) decided to use this to her advantage, as shown in a funny video where she shares the toys she would buy for her worst enemy’s child, and it has some viewers taking notes.

“Welcome to another edition of ‘Toys I Would Buy For My Worst Enemy’s Child,’” DeRoche says, introducing the clip.

Parsing the toy aisles, DeRoche encounters an interactive clucking Heihei rooster plushie based on the character from the Disney film Moana. As far as this toy is concerned, cluck is an understatement.

The toy rooster howls, shrieks, and shakes with such intensity that it looks like it’s about to fall off the shelf, but does it make the cut for DeRoche’s unique gift guide? “I think that goes without saying,” she says, providing her consensus.

Another toy that catches DeRoche’s attention is an assortment of scented kinetic sand. “There’s nothing quite like smelling like your middle school backpack,” she muses, caressing the box.

“Absolutely,” DeRoche states resolutely over a shot of her grabbing a Bop It game off the shelf before giving it a quick spin, twist, and bop.

“Imagine that you wake up in the night, and your child is just standing over your bed in this,” DeRoche ponders wistfully as the clip cuts to footage of her holding up a dinosaur mask before she ends the video with one final shot of the rooster squawking.

DeRoche’s selection of toys was a hit with viewers, especially the Heihei rooster plushie.

“I once found an entire shelf of those Heiheis in a Toys “R” Us, so naturally, I pressed every single one and ran away. ‘Twas a beautiful symphony,” one user shared.

“My partner wants a Heihei for himself, and I’m terrified he’s going to buy it ‘for’ our son,” mentioned one parent.

“Be sure to buy batteries. My parents used to pretend we had no batteries, so the noisy toys never worked,” one viewer suggested.

Based on the comments, it’s safe to assume that any toy that screams would make an excellent gift for the child whose parents have wronged you in the past.

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