Woman shares ‘ridiculous’ conflict with vegan neighbor: ‘She deserved it’

A woman got revenge when she burst her vegan neighbor’s bubble by revealing the candy the neighbor was eating contained animal byproducts. The user had a fine relationship with her neighbor until she found out the person took candy from her kids on Halloween. The mother’s apartment complex held a contactless trick-or-treat celebration where kids picked up pre-made candy bags from outside each apartment’s door. When the user had to work late, the neighbor volunteered to escort her kids. “The next day I took my kids to the park … The kids were playing and she took out one of those individual goodie bags with candy in it from her purse and started to loudly rummage in it,” the user wrote. Then the neighbor made a comment that set the user off. “My daughter ... asked if she could have a piece and my neighbor responded, ‘Nope, this is my tax candy, remember that. This was my reward for taking you trick or treating last night,’” the user explained. “I let her continue to finish off the bag of candy and then said, ‘Hey, aren’t you vegan? You know a lot of those candies are made with animal products right’”. The neighbor was horrified after she Googled the information. She then stormed off with her kids