Woman shares the chilling moment stranger died in her arms at Las Vegas massacre

Aris Folley, AOL.com

23-year-old Jordon McIldoon was among the first victims to be identified after a gunman opened fire on a crowd of thousands at the Route 91 Harvest festival in Las Vegas on Sunday, killing at least 59 people. His final moments were reportedly spent in the arms of a complete stranger who never left his side.

"It's what you see on TV and it's never going to be you. It's never going to happen to you. And it was happening," Heather Gooze told CBS News.

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Gooze, a bartender, was working at the concert that evening and managed to escape the gunfire. McIldoon did not, however, and was one of the dying victims Gooze would comfort later that night.

"His fingers were kind of wrapped on my hand. His hand kind of squeezed a little bit, and then just, like, went loose," she said.

Gooze recalled the moment she spoke to McIldoon's girlfriend on the phone shortly after his death.

"She said, 'Be honest with me, like, what's going on?' And I said 'He didn't make it.' She said to me, 'You know, he's the love of my life, like, are you sure?' I said, 'Yes,'" Gooze said.

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Gooze later posted about the traumatic incident on Facebook.

In a public post she wrote: "I am ok. I am right outside of the festival grounds. We are not allowed to go anywhere. I am with a young man who died in my arms! RIP Jordan Mcildoon from British Columbia. I can’t believe this just happened!!!"

McIldoon, from British Columbia, was confirmed dead by his parents Monday.

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