Woman says a bad date charged her $32 after she turned him down

If this is the future of dating, we're concerned...

Video Transcript

- This might be a new low for dating, so we need to talk about this article. Fiona Hope, a.k.a. @fifihopes here on TikTok, shared this truly horrendous dating experience that she had recently. She goes on a date with this guy, and he offers to pay the entire bill for dinner. She says no, but he insisted. At this point, she's not really sure how she feels about him but invited him out with her friends after to kind of see how it goes.

At the end of the night they kiss and then go their separate ways. After thinking about it, she decides she just isn't that into him and doesn't want to pursue a relationship further. He gets upset and sends her an actual invoice demanding that she pay him back for dinner. Fiona says she doesn't like feeling like she's some commodity, and if she doesn't give in she should have to pay someone back. Let me know in the comments what you think this, and I'll pin the full article.