Woman reveals her parents 'taxed' her chore money growing up: 'This is pretty brilliant'

A TikToker has gone viral for revealing that her parents "taxed" her allowance growing up, and parents everywhere think it's genius!. The video, posted by Sami (@samikaye0), was a stitch response to the question, . "What’s the weirdest thing your family did until you grew up and realized it was just y’all?". Sami's mind-blowing answer to that prompt has since garnered over 10M views and 12K comments — and possibly turned the allowance game on its head!. Sami explains with on-screen text in the video: "My parents taxed my chore money at 25%". "When I was 10, I’d do 10 points worth of chores a week to get $10". "$2.50 of that would go to family taxes and $2.50 went into a savings account, and then I’d get to keep the other 50% for spending". "Once family taxes build up enough, we’d have a family meeting and vote on how we were going to spend it". TikTokers were quick to share their thoughts on Sami's childhood tax system — and most were totally in favor of it!. "Your parents should totally write a book about this!" wrote one user