Woman reveals hack to get full Starbucks drink for $1

A very thrifty woman took to TikTok to share a clever way to secure an entire Starbucks drink for just $1.08. The TikToker, who goes by Rags on the video-sharing platform, revealed her hack in a video that has since racked up over 595K views. She claims that by ordering a free venti cup of water with light ice and then paying to add 10 pumps of raspberry syrup with mango dragonfruit “included” and lemonade. you can get a drink that more or less mimics one of Starbuck’s fruity refreshers for just $1.08 — a fraction of the typical $4-$5 price tag. TikTokers were, naturally, in awe of the bargain order. “YOU’RE SO SMART,” one person commented. However, a few were quick to comment that the hack is actually something that many Starbucks locations will not allow customers to get away with. “It depends on the Starbucks you go to. I did this and they charged me 4$ [because] the manager claimed it was a ‘custom tea,'” one user said