Woman questions boyfriend's loyalty after 'suspicious' behavior

A woman turned to the internet to seek relationship advice after she suspected that her boyfriend might be lying to her. On Dec. 31, TikTok user Desiree Baker uploaded a TikTok video explaining her dilemma and pleading with her followers to “please help”. Baker’s younger sister tested positive for COVID-19. Since Desiree and her sister “live together,” she got tested twice, and both times her results were negative. everyone else — including her boyfriend — got tested just to be safe, and her boyfriend’s test results came back positive. Once Desiree’s sister and boyfriend found out they both had COVID-19, they decided to quarantine together at Desiree’s family’s vacation house. Obviously, she was not comfortable with this. “What do I do?” Desiree asked her followers. Virtually every person who commented on Desiree’s video warned her to break up with her boyfriend. “You set a boundary and they didn’t respect it,” another added. “I think you know what to do, sis”