Woman pranks family by swapping out portraits

A woman pulled a devious but hilarious prank on her parents while in quarantine. On April 4, Kristen Vogler, a graphic designer who is currently sheltering in place with her parents in Easton, Mass. took to Twitter to share photos of a family portrait that was replaced by a crayon drawing. “Currently replacing photos with crayon drawings,” she tweeted. “Taking bets on how many photos I can replace before my parents notice”. By April 13, Vogler had managed to somehow replace all but one family portrait on the wall with crayon drawings, before her mother Paula Vogel noticed. That same day, Vogler shared an approximately 1-minute video of her parents’ reaction to the wall. “You know, I think in the back of my mind, I saw one the other day, but I just kept going,” her father says in the clip as he pretends to walk away from the wall. “I would go upstairs in my room kind of where I usually do my other design work and I would just lock my door and spend about 30 minutes drawing,” she explained