Woman has over a gallon of her own fat injected into her butt

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Patricia Washington, also known as Supa Woman, visited Botched doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif. Washington wanted to consult with the doctors about her artificially enlarged butt.

A few years ago Washington weighed 310 lbs. She was a able to lose a lot of that weight through exercise and liposuction. But Washington didn't want to waste the fat the surgeon was taking out.

Washington said, "I decided that I wanted to use my fat and not throw it away and put it in my behind." She went on to elaborate, "1,200 cc's of fat was injected into my butt my first surgery. My second, it was about 900 cc's."

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Dr. Dubrow was surprised to learn the amount she stated was per butt cheek. So the total amount of fat injected in her but was 4,200 cc's, which is much more than a gallon worth of fat. Dr. Dubrow said, "Anatomically, she puts the 'maximus' in 'gluteus.'"

Washington was hoping to have some flat spots in her cheeks injected with more fat. Dr. Dubrow explained to her that packing anymore fat around her veins and arteries would lead to very bad things.

Dr. Dubrow said, "If you get fat that goes over to the lung and blocks off, you don't just get a little short of breath; you die."

Washington appreciated the doctors honesty and ultimately decided to stick with her current butt - even though it had a crack in it.

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