Woman’s money-saving wedding hack stuns TikTok: ‘I was a little hesitant about this’

Laura Fragoso Hiller (@laurafragosohiller) shared a cost-cutting tip she used for her own big day — getting a wedding cake from Sam’s Club for under $70. “Sam’s Club makes three-tiered cakes that feed about 75 people, and they cost a little under $70” . “So the price is fantastic”. While she noted the budget retailer’s website does a “terrible job” advertising the cakes, she urged her viewers not to be turned off by the store’s own photos. the cakes are customizable. “Order it plain white …. Buy some pretty flowers from H.E.B. or Trader Joe’s, and you make them look like this,” Hiller explained, showcasing photos of the cake’s true potential. According to The Knot, the average wedding cake in the U.S. costs around $500. it’s hard not to think of $70 as mind-blowing in comparison — and TikTokers seem to agree. Even Sam’s Club chimed in to agree. “Gonna look past the advertising and floral jabs because the cake tip is legit,” the company’s account wrote