Woman’s horrific reaction to getting poison ivy on her eyes goes viral

Common sense dictates that getting poison ivy on your eyes isn’t exactly a great idea. But one morning, 17-year-old Lauren Petrozza of Newington, Connecticut shared a picture of her 21-year-old sister Emily on Twitter that will burn that lesson into your brain forever. Emily instantly achieved internet fame, with the initial photos being retweeted thousands of times, and outlets like Buzzfeed and NBC all reporting on her story. “40K people are laughing at my sister,” Lauren later posted. Emily took the incident like a trooper, finding the humor in the painful situation. “I want people to know I’m not mad at my sister for posting the picture in the first place. We always joke around with each other and neither of us ever expected it to turn out like this,” Emily told WTIC. Emily was reportedly doing much better after taking medication for two days and could soon “actually open” her eyes. Emily believes she got the poison ivy in her eyes by rubbing them either after fishing or taking care of feral cats and hopes that her incident serves as a lesson to others to always wash your hands