Woman dumbfounded by future in-laws’ ‘awful’ vacation move: ‘[They] lied to you deliberately’

A widow is furious with her fiance and future mother-in-law for lying to her about a family trip.

She shared her story on Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum. The mother-in-law dislikes the Reddit poster’s two children from a previous marriage. When the mother-in-law invited the Reddit poster on a family trip and told her that children weren’t allowed, it turned out to be all a lie.

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“I 33F am a mother of 2 girls (7&5) their dad passed away from cancer and it was a very devastating loss for both his and my family. I met my now fiance ‘JACK’ , 36M 2 years ago. He’s very sweet and adores both my daughters equally. However, his mom has a bit of a harsh view on single moms especially with how low my income is compared to his (He’s a doctor). I tried my best to have a good, respectful relationship with her and she has started to respond positively. though I noticet that she’d excluded my girls a number of times from a number of ocassions.”

“FMIL informed us of a 3-day family trip that is dedicated for adults only. She said it’s because it involved going to the bar and doing activities that aren’t child-friendly. She told me I needed to leave my daughters with someone before Jack and I could come and I immediately had my sistet come and stay with them at home. The trip was supposed to be by plane, 3hr flight. We were late but Jack said he intended to arrive late so we wouldn’t have to wait for long.”

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“I saw his mom and dad there. we talked as we waited for SIL & BIL. I then saw them coming towards us with their 3 kids behind. I was confused, I looked at FMIL and she avoided eye contact. I immediately asked SIL why she brought her kids and wether she was aware that this wasn’t child-friendly trip. SIL & her husband looked confused and said there was no such thing but I told them that what FMIL told me and I didn’t bring my girls. SIL didn’t say anything but her husband told me that FMIL must’ve lied and told me this story to prevent me from bringing the girls (BIL adores my girls and he too sees how inappropriate FMIL is behaving) SIL yelled at him.”

“And I lashed out at both Jack and FMIL and called her horrible then I walked off. Jack told me to hold on for a minute but I canceled my ticket and went home. The family had to get on the plane and after Jack got home we had a big fight. He said no one enjoyed the trip because I causer everyone to fight by how I reacted. I told him she excluded my daughters but he said that his mom is entitled to her feelings and I shouldn’t expect to spring the girls on her all the time when she still doesn’t consider them as close as her other grandchildren. He promised me all that is gonna change and I just have to give time and that I shouldn’t have walked off and canceled my ticket like that.”

Redditors sided with the poster on the issue.

“Why is he blaming you for ruining the trip when his mother lied?” a user wrote.

“Please don’t marry someone whose family is awful to you,” another said.

“Don’t let him gaslight you. His mother lied to you deliberately,” a person commented.

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