Woman dumbfounded by friends’ ‘selfish’ vacation plans: ‘I feel like my vacation was hijacked’

A woman feels like her friends hijacked her solo vacation.

She consulted Reddit’s “Relationship Advice” forum for help. She planned to go on a trip by herself. When her friends, Will and Becca, found out, they decided to tag along. The issue is they both invited their significant others. Now the Reddit poster is feeling like a fifth wheel.

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“I am going to be finishing up a huge project at work soon, and to celebrate I wanted to treat myself to a trip to New York since I haven’t been in a while,” she wrote. “I was planning to go by myself, but I mentioned my plans to my friends Becca and Will at the end of last year. They mentioned how they’ve never been and asked if they could join me. I thought that would be even more fun, so I said yes!”

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“Becca asked me if it would be okay if she invited her boyfriend Josh on the trip. Context: I’m single. I said that was fine because I’ve known Josh for longer than I’ve known Becca. Last week, Will texted me and Becca that he was inviting his new boyfriend Tyler of four months on the trip. Becca and I were annoyed that he didn’t ask, but instead, just told us he was doing this. We were also a little nervous about Tyler coming along because we’ve only met him a few times and never had a conversation with him.”

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But all the additional people meant that there were disagreements about how to approach the trip.


“Both Will and Becca are able to split the hotel room costs with their significant others, so they’d like to stay somewhere expensive,” she explained. “I would be paying for everything myself and would prefer to stay within a reasonable price range, so farther south from the main tourist attractions, and don’t mind using public transit. Yesterday, Becca texted me and Will that Josh actually won’t be able to go anymore due to conflicting plans with friends and asked us to move the dates we planned to go to accommodate him. She said she wouldn’t go without Josh because he might be sad.”

“This was kind of the last straw for me and at this point, I feel like my vacation was hijacked by my friends. I was really excited to have a vacation coming in the near future and have something to look forward to as I finish up my work project, so pushing it out to the end of the year would be disappointing. I don’t really know what to say to them, and at this point, I’m just debating on going by myself like I originally planned even though they’d be upset with me for it.”

Redditors thought the friends were being thoughtless.

“Go alone, they are being selfish,” someone wrote.


“Just tell them it’s getting all a bit too complicated,” another advised.

“It’s your trip! They’re coming along for the ride. They can advise, they can ask, but they can’t dictate what’s happening,” a person wrote.

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