Woman dumbfounded by daughter-in-law’s ‘unhinged’ pregnancy behavior

A grandmother is flabbergasted by her daughter-in-law's unusual demand. She asked Reddit's "Am I the A******" to weigh in. Her son Will and his wife Amber are expecting their first baby. It would be her third grandchild and her first granddaughter. Amber requested the grandmother pick a name for the granddaughter to call her. The grandmother chose the same name her other grandkids call her, "Grandma" . But now Amber is furious. "My son called to tell me that Amber was very hurt that I didn’t want a 'special' name that I only shared with their children. I was surprised that my choice had upset her". The Reddit poster tried to work it out with Amber and Will but it didn't seem to work. "Now she and my son have been a bit distant and I am concerned this will damage our relationship" . "She sounds unhinged. You have the right to be called grandma if that is what you want," a user commented. "She literally wants to alienate the other kids from their own Grandma"