Woman ‘demands’ teen sister hands over half the profits after selling their mom’s furniture: ‘No way’

A woman feels like her older sister is trying to swindle her.

She shared her story on Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum. She is 19, and her half-sister is 36. They didn’t grow up together and never lived in the same house. When their mother died, they split the remaining assets equally. The only thing left was the apartment. They agreed that the Reddit poster would live there and owned everything in it. It only made sense since her older sister never resided there.

“Fast forward a bit, my sister asks if I could give her the fridge, washing machine, and my bedroom furniture (all brand new),” she wrote.

“I told her that I would be more than happy to let her take them if she gives me a hand with clearing my apartment out. I also asked her kindly if she could upload some photos of my furniture to FB marketplace because I didn’t have FB. She agreed.”

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The sister arranged for a family to buy the furniture for £280. The family came, picked up the furniture and gave the Reddit poster the money. Now her sister is demanding half of the funds.

“I told my sister and she demanded that I give her half of the money, lecturing me on the fact that we agreed to halve everything. I told her ‘no way’ because the furniture I sold was mine. My sister ended up blowing up on me, telling me that I have lost all self-respect and that I must pay,” she wrote.

Redditors thought the older sister was out of line.

“If she never lived there and supposedly gave it to you, she has no say over it,” a user commented.

“They’re bullying you in the hope you’ll give in,” another said.

“Don’t give them anything,” a person added.

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