Woman claims Uber driver 'saved' her after she was robbed at Coachella

A woman is crediting her Uber driver for "saving" her from an emergency after she experienced a bad night at Coachella. Influencer Becca Moore alleged that at Coachella, her phone, credit card and keys were stolen. When she was stranded in a new city by herself, she claims it was her Uber driver that stepped up to make the horrible experience manageable. Now she wants to pay it forward. She shared a few pictures with her driver, Raul Torres. The two had a few margaritas and looked at ease with each other in the photos. Torres also helped Moore get a rental car and even figured out how to help her track down her phone, so she wouldn't have to buy another one. After speaking with Torres and his wife, Moore launched a GoFundMe to repay the driver. "his family is currently caring for two family members with cancer in one house". With a goal of $150,000, Moore has already raised over $143,000 in just three days for the Torres family

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