Woman claims she was 'scammed' by Depop seller

A woman took to TikTok after she thought she bought a secondhand Zara vest, only to realize a Shein label was on the garment instead. Anya (@xx.anzz) said she first thought Zara was duping her, captioning her initial TikTok exposing the tag with "excuse me @zara I want a refund". In a follow-up video, Anya admitted that she actually bought the item of the popular reselling app Depop. The Depop seller had allegedly shared a photo of the vest alongside an official photo from the Zara website in the listing. "I'm guessing [the Depop sellers] probably get a Shein product and stitch a Zara label on the back and sell it as Zara," Anya said in the video. "Long story short, I think we got scammed". Anya's TikTok has since racked up almost 16 million views and thousands of comments — many of which pointed out that the Zara tag at the top of the vest seemed a bit off. Commenters were also stunned at how bold the Depop seller was for allegedly sewing on a fake Zara label. "Oh my god, is this real?" one asked. "That's insane"