Woman claims her hair 'snapped off at the roots' while visiting salon

TikTok user @laurajarvie3 went to a salon to get her hair chemically straightened and left with a horror story. She was so eager to get the treatment, which transforms curly locks into an ultra-smooth 'do for months afterward, that she didn't do her research on the risks associated with it. "Thinking about the time I got my hair chemically straightened and the chick left to get lunch and it over-developed and half my hair snapped off at the roots..." @laurajarvie3 claimed. She then shared photos of the alleged damage to her ponytail as well as the large clumps of hair on the floor after the treatment. "I eventually got my money back, however, it took around two years for my hair to blend in with the parts that didn’t snap off," @laurajarvie3 said. She claimed that she spent approximately $3,700 on "wigs, supplements, hair treatments, extensions and extension maintenance". The photos left commenters shocked. "That's so wrong, I would have cried," one user said. "I hope you sued her, and she should have her license revoked. I'm so sorry," another wrote