Woman calls out older sister for ‘overshadowing’ her major personal announcement

A woman's dog news overshadowed her younger sister's announcement. Now, her little sister is furious. She explained what happened on Reddit's "Am I the A******" forum. "I adopted my new dog, Pirate," the Reddit poster wrote. "I didn’t tell anyone because I wanted to do a stupid reveal. "We do a family game night every Saturday, and we use my house because it’s a nice middle point for everyone to meet. "I told everyone I had some news to share, and then my younger sister jumped up and said, 'me too!'. "So I told her she should go first. In my head, I figured guests should go first" . "She announced that she got the internship she applied for in her engineering program!" the Reddit poster said. "We were all super excited for her. My dad asked me what my news was, and I told them to wait. I got Pirate, and we made our announcement. "I feel rude writing it, but they were more excited about seeing a dog than they were about hearing about my sister's internship. "Then Monday came, and she texted me. We went back and forth, her increasingly angry, saying I ruined her news. "She said that my news overshadowed hers, and no one cared about hers" . Reddit users thought the dog owner was in the right here. "How are you being blamed for the others' reactions? How utterly ridiculous!" a user wrote