This woman built her very own teardrop trailer to travel and live in

You don’t need a physical home to feel at home. That’s the motto of NYC-based nomadic food blogger, Rebecca Doudak (@veganbodegacat), who built her own insulated teardrop trailer that lets her take her show on the road. Take a tour of Rebecca’s portable home on this episode of In The Know: Extreme Minimalists!

Rebecca affectionately refers to her trailer as “Peanut”. She shares that she built the waterproof and weatherproof mobile home over the course of 9 months, and combined with her car, it fits everything she needs.

“When I’m living in my trailer, I condense my life into three separate boxes,” Rebecca explains. These boxes are divided into the categories of clothing, appliances and hygiene products, and emergency equipment. Beyond that, Rebecca travels with a heat-up lunch box that warms her meals, and a foldable kettle to make hot water.

As for the trailer itself, it comfortably fits a queen mattress and is where Rebecca does most of her relaxing. “I mostly use the trailer the same way you’d use your bedroom,” she explains. “It’s really comfy in there, especially with the insulation and all the bedding. Think of it as a wooden tent.”

Rebecca’s sleep setup includes a small air mattress, a sleeping bag, and a couple of blankets. “There really is no need to complicate things more than that, and I think it’s comfortable,” she says.

Peanut also houses a portable battery that allows Rebecca to run electronic devices. It also has three fans, and a strip of LED lights that use little electricity.

While Rebecca’s minimal lifestyle may be radical to some people, it feels just right to her. In fact, it may have even been fated. “Several years ago I started having these dreams every night of elephants with butterfly wings for ears and I just thought it was so cool,” Rebecca shares. “So I got it tattooed on my forearm, fairly large, and it wasn’t until afterwards that I looked up the meaning, and it basically means being so secure in yourself that you don’t need a physical home. And I just feel like Peanut is the personification of those dreams that I used to have.”

Could you fit your life into a trailer?

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