Woman ‘blows up’ at boyfriend over treatment of their pet cat: ‘This is very normal’

A man is arguing with his girlfriend over how he plays with their cat. He explained an incident that happened on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. After playing a game using his feet with his cat, the cat scratched his girlfriend’s feet. Now the girlfriend is accusing him of training the cat to attack her. “When we were laying in bed the other night, my girlfriend slipped her foot out from under the covers right where the cat was laying...” . “and naturally, she attacked the foot with a bit too much enthusiasm and cut my girlfriend’s foot a bit,” he explained. “My girlfriend then proceeded to blow up at me and blame me saying that it was my fault because I am teaching the cat to attack her when I play with her”. “In my mind, this is completely ridiculous as I’ve owned cats all my life and hey, cats are gonna be cats,” he said . Reddit users didn’t think the boyfriend did anything wrong. “This is very normal cat behavior,” one person commented