Woman baffled by boyfriend’s ‘unreasonable’ high-cost travel decision

A woman can't believe her boyfriend is refusing to sit next to her on their vacation flight. She asked Reddit's "Am I the A******" to weigh in. Her boyfriend makes more money than her. When they decided to travel for a vacation, he wanted to splurge on an expensive airline. She wanted to fly a cheaper one but agreed to spend the extra money to sit next to him. Then he told her he was upgrading only his seat to first class. "There's zero way I can afford a first-class ticket, and he doesn't want to pay for two of them," she said. "I'm kind of upset since I don't want to spend a six-hour plane ride by myself, but I know it would be more comfortable for him". Her boyfriend is 6 feet 2 inches, so leg room is an issue. "I asked if he would be okay just getting the exit row seats so he has the legroom, but he kinda brushed me off and said he just wants to do first class". Reddit users thought the boyfriend was in the wrong here. "Your boyfriend is being a snob," a user commented