WNBA Twitter reacts to Alexis Morris’ comments about veterans and roster spots

Alexis Morris was drafted No. 22nd overall by the Connecticut Sun in the 2023 WNBA draft coming off a national championship with LSU. She was in the league for one month before being waived by the Sun.

She recently shared her thoughts on the difficulty of transitioning from college to the pros.

“This is for the colleges and institutions: In order to grow the league, you have to prep the players for what’s to come,” Morris said. “In order to do that, you have to watch the league, you have to see the style of play, the systems that they’re running so that the adjustment and the transition for women college players to the WNBA won’t be so difficult.”

However, after being cut by the Sun, she shared some additional insights into her mentality on the league. While her underlying premise seems to be that the WNBA needs to expand rosters, her tweets have caused a bit of a controversy on social media. Her tweets seem to have since been taken down, but a Twitter user took screenshots before they were deleted.

Here are what users on social media had to say about the Tweets:

Story originally appeared on Rookie Wire