WNBA 'would love to announce' expansion by end of year

Commissioner Cathy Engelbert spoke before Sunday's Game 1 of the WNBA Finals about the league's expansion - including how the process has been narrowed down to ten potential cities for the next franchise.

Video Transcript

CATHY ENGELBERT: I would say, I would love to announce by the end of the year, these are complex situations to build expansion in cities. Again, you need to find the right owners with the right capital. We have to run an expansion draft. We have to let our GMs know in advance and head coaches what that's going to look like.

So we're working on all of that. We have workstreams around all of that. We have a process. We have a lot of interest. The great thing is, we have more than 10 cities interested. And we continue to do calls with those cities and potential ownership groups and take potential bid situations seriously. So I have a feeling for what I think the best markets would be. But again, we'll announce something when we're ready.