Wizards rookies Otto Porter and Glen Rice Jr. cruelly mock John Wall’s infamous first pitch attempt (Video)

He has since made up for his blunder, but two years ago Washington Wizards guard John Wall created an infamously poor first pitch for the ages at a Washington Nationals game. For those that missed out on its first half-million showings, here’s Wall’s attempt:

Goodness, gracious, sakes alive. One doesn’t have to learn out to paint the corners on his way toward becoming an NBA superstar, but there mere idea of an overhand motion seemed to badly elude the top pick in the 2010 NBA draft.

Wizards rookies Otto Porter and Glen Rice Jr., somehow, were amongst those who had missed out on Wall’s brief shining blunder. And thanks to Monumental Network reporter Casey Phillips (via Sarah Kogod at the Washington Post), the Washington youngsters are now aware that their new teammate should be the subject of much derision, despite his veteran status. Watch:

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(In Wall’s defense, he has just as much right to rip on the rookies for choosing to go to a crummy chain restaurant like P.F. Chang’s while situated amongst the dozens of five-star options in Las Vegas during the NBA Summer League. You have contract advances and per diems now, rooks. Use 'em.)

(Also, Glen Rice Jr. appears to be wearing a Miami Marlins hat, so his baseball credibility is shot.)

As we noted above, Wall has straightened out his form in the two years since, managing to at least get the ball across the plate in a make-up first pitch earlier this baseball season. And he’ll have plenty of time to settle on some form of revenge for his new rookie mates, along with second year guard Bradley Beal – who badly sold his veteran teammate out while dining at P.F. Chang’s. I see some Hello Kitty backpacks and popcorn-filled cars in Porter and Rice’s future.

And perhaps an invite to a Nats game, to see if they can put their first pitches where their mouths just went.

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