Will the Wizards finish top five in offense by the end of the season?

Mike DePrisco

The Wizards have been playing a brutal schedule as of late, but opposing teams still can't keep them from getting buckets.  

Bradley Beal has cooled off from an incredible November, but luckily for Scott Brooks and company, Davis Bertans has helped pick up the slack with a barrage of catch-and-shoot threes.

The Wizards play the Hornets on Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. EST on NBC Sports Washington.

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Here, we're going to lay out how the Wizards' offense ranks in the league in the most important categories and keep you updated throughout the season. And hey, if they start to pick things up even a little bit on defense we may be looking at a decently frisky team. 

Stats up to date as of 12/8

Team Scoring: Points per game

1. Milwaukee Bucks: 121.0
2. Houston Rockets: 120.5
3. Washington Wizards: 118.2 
4. Dallas Mavericks: 118.0
5. Los Angeles Clippers: 115.3

Offensive Efficiency: Points per 100 possessions

1. Dallas Mavericks: 116.9
2. Milwaukee Bucks: 114.0
3. Houston Rockets: 113.1
4. Washington Wizards: 112.4
5. Los Angeles Lakers: 111.8

Other notable stats

The Wizards lead the NBA in field goals made per game and assists, they're fourth in field goal percentage and eighth in turnovers. Nothing fluky about this offense. They can flat out score. 


Will the Wizards finish top five in offense by the end of the season? originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

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