Wizards GM Tommy Sheppard hopes NBA can crown a 2019-20 champion

Chase Hughes
·2 min read

The Wizards may not be title contenders this season, but team general manager Tommy Sheppard is thinking about those that are and how the uncertainty of the 2019-20 NBA season may be affecting them.

Sheppard appeared on a recent episode of the 'Full 48' podcast hosted by Bleacher Report's Howard Beck and explained why he thinks the league's hiatus will affect the top teams more than others.

"I think everybody that's involved in the NBA wants to see a champion, they want to see playoffs. If there are opportunities for players to finish their seasons out, that should happen. You don't want to have this complete disruption if it can be avoided," he said.

"I really have high empathy for the teams that are trying to win a championship. To say that we're just going to cancel the season without trying to see whatever we can possibly do to finish the season and to get to the playoffs, I think would just be a travesty."


Sheppard made sure to point out that safety is the most important thing at the moment and that basketball is secondary for every member of the league. But knowing how precious title windows can be, he hopes to see a resolution for this season at some point in the near future.

Where the league's hiatus could affect the Wizards directly, Sheppard noted, is with the draft lottery which is currently scheduled for May 19. The Wizards have the ninth-best odds based on where the league's standings left off.

"I don't think that's going to happen unless we finish the season right now," Sheppard said.

The draft lottery seems like an interesting test case for the league's current situation, as technically it doesn't require many people to execute. And until the draft order is set, teams can only narrow their draft preparation down so much.

But without the regular season standings set, the league can't do a draft lottery, so something would have to give. 


Wizards GM Tommy Sheppard hopes NBA can crown a 2019-20 champion originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington