Wizards have four players ranked in SI's Top 100 NBA Players of 2019

Nick Ashooh
NBC Sports Washington

Whether it's 2K ratings or player rankings, every year Wizards fans (and let's be honest, players) are interested to see what the media and pundits think of them in comparison to their peers.

Usually, someone's not happy and has a few things to say on social media. But let's be honest, if you were being evaluated and rated in a public setting, you'd likely have a few opinions of your own too.

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SI.com just released it's Top 100 player rankings, and four of the five Wizards starters made this list. 

Here's where each ranked, and why they put them there:

69. Dwight Howard

"The 32-year-old Howard is far removed from his prime years and probably leads the league in worn-out welcomes, but his reputation shouldn't completely eclipse his performance. Last season, he missed just one game, he made Charlotte better both offensively and defensively when he was on the court, and he was one of only five NBA players to average 12 points and 12 rebounds."

They point out that Howard has obviously turned into a journeyman in recent years, but his ability to rebound and score around the basket still makes him a solid starting center. Howard is certainly an upgrade for the Wizards at the position, and if he can fit into a role that works for Scott Brooks, he could end up being a steal this offseason.

42. Otto Porter

"If open on the perimeter, Porter (who finished third in three-point percentage last season) is a lights-out shooter with a high release point. Should the defense give his shot the respect it deserves, Porter can drive in response without veering out of control. Restraint is the through line of his game. One can always trust in Porter to play within himself, gifting his coaches and teammates a certain peace of mind. Porter is the player you never have to worry about."

Porter is set to be the highest-paid player on the Wizards in 2018-19, at $26,011,913 (John Wall's supermax doesn't kick in until next season). It's reasonable for fans to expect a more assertive Porter offensively this coming season, but his most important role will be his outside shot and a strong effort on defense. 

27. Bradley Beal

"This was a stretch season for Beal (22.6 PPG, 4.4 RPG, 4.5 APG), who not only played all 82 games for the first time in his career but went half that time without John Wall. The experience was illuminating. We saw Beal run even more pick-and-roll than usual, approaching each with a new disposition. Taking over the responsibility for an offense can't help but change a player. Even though Beal will always see the game as a scorer first, he was more patient when it came to reading the floor and letting his options develop."

Many see Bradley Beal as the Wizard most likely to take another huge leap this coming season. We've seen his handle improve, his ability to create his own shot get better, and, maybe most importantly, we saw Beal stay healthy for an entire season, even with a larger-than-normal workload. 

24. John Wall

"If Wall returns to full health and 20/10 production, he belongs in the mix for a top-five spot with the next tier of point guards: Damian Lillard, Kyrie Irving and Kyle Lowry. But regaining his footing in that conversation requires more than just flashing his incredible athleticism, maintaining his improved three-point percentage, and recommitting himself on the defensive end."

This is a big season for Wall, who's entering the prime years of his career age-wise, and also close to his supermax hitting the books the following season. Health was the issue last year, and if you remember two years ago, he was being talked about as one of the best point guards in the NBA. With Wall and Beal playing all season, this Wizards backcourt has the potential to take them far in the postseason. 

It all just has to come together.


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