Wishart named Midwest Division 2nd Star of Week

Mar. 14—CHIPPEWA FALLS — Carter Wishart was literally on fire in net for the Chippewa Steel against the first-place Windigo last week, shutting out Wisconsin to help the home team earn two important points in the standings. This week he got rewarded for those efforts.

Wishart was awarded the North American Hockey League's (NAHL) Midwest Division 2nd Star of the Week after his 40-save performance against the Windigo. It was his first shutout of the season and only the second of his career. Year to date, the Chaska, MN, native has an overall record of 11-11-1-1 and leads the team in both its save percentage statistic with a .9046 save percentage and in goals against average, surrendering 3.028 per game.

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