What is Wisconsin's favorite Valentine's Day candy?


Wisconsin's favorite Christmas candy was pretty quirky — and not super festive. While a few other states joined us in thinking Starburst is the best candy for Christmas, most favored clearly Christmas-y candy like peppermint bark and candy canes.

Apparently, we're a little more mainstream when it comes to Valentine's Day candy.

Online bulk candy distributor surveys customers, manufacturers and distributors every year to determine each state's favorite festive candy. And according to the data, Wisconsin joins 15 other states in loving candy conversation hearts for Valentine's Day.

Candy hearts have been getting even more popular over the last few years, likely due to a resurgence in interest after no Sweethearts candy hearts were available in 2019, and there was only a limited supply in 2020.

Apart from candy hearts, some sort of chocolate is clearly what people should be eating on Valentine's Day, and Wisconsin delivers, with Hershey Kisses and Ghiradelli gift boxes rounding out our top three. Many states followed suit with the chocolate love, choosing things like M&Ms, chocolate roses and heart-shaped boxes of chocolates (of course) as their favorite candy.

While Wisconsin isn't making a quirky showing for Valentine's Day, other states made up for it, including Alabama, where their favorite is candy necklaces, and Nebraska and Michigan, where they apparently go for cupid corn (candy corn in Valentine's colors).

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This article originally appeared on Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Conversation hearts are Wisconsin's favorite Valentine's Day candy