Wisconsin Twitter reacts to Ohio State football’s 52-21 masterclass

It was a night that was over before it started. Wisconsin went down 7-0 thanks to a six-play, 88-yard blitz from Ohio State to begin the evening.

That was a sign of things to come, as the Buckeyes built an insurmountable 21-0 lead in the first quarter. Outside of an explosive 75-yard Braelon Allen touchdown run late, and a few decent drives sprinkled in, it was hard to find any positives for Wisconsin on a night to forget.

Badgers Twitter surely viewed it in a rational, calm way right? Maybe, and, well, maybe not. Here is a look at reactions from Wisconsin media, fans, and more:

We agree, Melvin

Melvin Gordon summing it up simply:

Someone was early in updating Paul Chryst's Wikipedia page:

Historical context on Stroud's night for Ohio State:

Henderson did end up getting there...

No, we're good

Alright, LeBron. The Buckeyes don't need help...

We saw the Heisman front runner tonight...

Truth from our former BadgersWire colleague:

More truth from our former BadgersWire colleague:

A wild fact:

Quarterback Braelon Allen

He can run, too:

Another rare highlight for Wisconsin tonight:

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