Wisconsin football Twitter reacts to Paul Chryst’s firing

Sunday evening marked the end of Paul Chryst’s tenure as Wisconsin’s head coach. The Badgers announced the move and held a press conference on Big Ten Network to answer questions surrounding the decision.

Just as the news broke, Wisconsin media, players past and present, and outsiders reacted on Twitter and other social media platforms. The most notable reaction? Star running back Braelon Allen, who had some choice words for fans that turned on former head coach Paul Chryst.

It was an emotional press conference, and one that stemmed from an emotional locker room being told the news.

Here is a look at what Badger media, players, and others had to say about Paul Chryst’s firing:

Star running back Braelon Allen:

Former Wisconsin FB Alec Ingold:

Former Badgers wide receiver Kendric Pryor:

Putting Chryst's tenure into perspective:

It was a coincidence, but still...

Wisconsin's Chancellor chimes in:

Nebraska remembers their own surprising firing...

An emotional day in Madison:

AD Chris McIntosh said Chryst agreed to a much smaller number than this:

An important tenure in Wisconsin football history:

Leonhard on Chryst's impact:

What a day indeed:

McIntosh's opening statement:

A tough ending:

Hopefully the future for Wisconsin doesn't reflect Nebraska's

Story originally appeared on Badgers Wire