Winning in preseason matters to Broncos coach Sean Payton

When the regular season begins, preseason records will be irrelevant. They have no impact on regular-season standings and, historically, preseason records are not a direct indication of how a season will go.

Washington went 0-4 in preseason in 1982 and went on to win the Super Bowl. Detroit went 4-0 in preseason in 2008 before going 0-16 in the regular season.

Still, while the record might not count for the standings, winning in preseason still matters to new Broncos coach Sean Payton. He wants to create a new winning culture in Denver, but the team has lost each of their first two exhibition contests by one point each.

“Yeah, it does matter,” outside linebacker Jonathon Cooper said when asked if winning matters in preseason. “Just because it’s not a part of our regular season record doesn’t mean that it doesn’t matter to us.

“Every time we step on that field, we expect to win and winning is something that we have to get used to around here in order to bring that into our culture. I feel like it’s really good by Coach to just make that a point of emphasis whether it’s a preseason game or not. When we’re out there, we got to win. We expect to win.”

So far, Payton is 0-2 (in preseason) to begin his tenure with the Broncos. He will be seeking his first win in Denver when the Broncos host the Los Angeles Rams in their preseason finale on Saturday.

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